June 30, 2013 berries, barns and quilts?

So today’s adventure was in Clinton County. Ohiophotogrl took me geocaching. If you have never been you really should try it. It’s like a scavenger hunt only it’s all over the world and all the time…morning noon and yes even at night. You go to geocaching.com and make a username that you go by and then you tell it your location and tells you where to find stuff. You find it, sign a log, exchange SWAG, put it back and head to the next one.
Clinton County had a barn and quilt trail to follow. If you found 30 of the 32 barns and logged there special code you got a geo-coin. So off we went!

I found the first one as we stopped for breakfast. Sometimes they are in little boxes under stuff so I saw it right away :0)

I signed the log and put it back :0)
Then we were off to find the barns!
One of the places we stopped was at Stokes Berry Farm. We picked black raspberries!

We searched the whole truck for coins so we could bring some home.

That was so much fun. Then there were the quits on the barns.

They were so cool!
Then there was this cool mural we saw too!

We did 32 geocaches today and picked up a lot of swag.
Ill share that with you tomorrow! Ohiophotogrl says its time for bed its been a long day.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


June 29, 2013 a slide

So I was left by myself for awhile today and I thought to my self wonder what kind of trouble I would get into if I slid down the banister….

Needless to say I’m grounded but let me tell ya…..it was not one of my wiser decisions.
Anyway, ohiophotogrl says we might go on a cool adventure tomorrow so I should get to bed.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 27, 2013 green beans and the market

So this morning we went to Home Depot to get PopPop a new door bell. His stopped working.
And then we went to the 2nd Street Market.

They had lots and lots of fresh veggies for us to look at and enjoy. We took PopPop back some green beans.

We snapped each and everyone of them into pieces so he could cook them up. That was a lot of fun!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 26, 2013 to the library

I got to hang out with the kid again today. We started out on a two mile bike ride, had some breakfast and then ran some errands.
One of the errands was to stop at the Montgomery Co Public Library. We went to the Belmont branch. We looked at a lot of books.

While Ohiophotogrl and Ms Ma where checking out I started reading one of Ma’s books

She checked out 4 books and a movie…one book is a Justin Beber book….she’s so cute.
That is a pretty busy day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 25, 2013 where we have come

So today Ohiophotogrl showed me that we have 92 followers! I just can’t believe it. 92 people check us out and see what were up to. Do they look everyday…..no but they come back and check us out when they have time and for that we are very thankful. Can anyone help is get over 100 PLEASE!
With that being said we have blogged for 179 days in a row! What fun we have been having for sure. Some days a lot more fun then others lol
So today we hung out with Ms Ma. We played with the dogs and ran errands most of the day.

For the record….I look good :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 24, 2013 bicycling

Boy is is a hot today in the 937!
Ohiophotogrl and I spent most of the day running errands and catching up on all the stuff we didn’t get done last week while PopPop was in the hospital.
The best part of the day was tonight. While it was 85 degrees in the shade ohiopotogrl wanted to take her bike for a spin and took me along.

She placed me in my own personal potato seat. She left me in charge of the water bottle too! It was only a 20 minute ride but boy did we have fun.
I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 23, 2013 parrot party

Today was my Girlfriend Ms Ally’s bday
She had a parrot party and boy did we have a good time.

I learned that its always five o’clock at the Cassel Cabana!

I even got a kiss from the bday girl

Busy busy day!
What a great day! Fun time had by all.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

June 22, 2013 playing with the bed

PopPop was still in the hospital this morning so I played with his bed.

Boy what fun that was….till ohiophotogrl made me give the remote back.
PopPop did get to come home today…hip hip hooray!
Tomorrow we have a deck party to go to and it’s on of my girlfriends Bdays and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. I even have a special outfit just for the occasion so tune in tomorrow to check it out.
That’s in the afternoon so I still wonder what else were gonna do tomorrow?

June 21, 2013 summer is here

Today was the first day of Summer. The longest day of light in the whole year.
We spent most of it with PopPop. The still have him captive in the hospital :0(

I called him a lot today. Yes even a potato needs a phone :0)
Sounds like he may get sprung tomorrow we will see.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?