Feb 27, 2013 the snot monster

Today was a day of homework for ohiophotogrl which was ok with me because I woke up with a snotty nose. I have gone thru a whole box of Kleenex.

Hope to feel better tomorrow :0(
Off to take more sinus pills so I can sleep.
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Feb 26, 2013 recycling

Today I learned all about what I can do to save he planet. I was throwing a plastic bottle into the trash when Ohiophotogrl stopped me.
“We separate the trash here Mr P. newspaper, plastic, paper products and aluminum cans all get put in his bin.”
Do I tried it


We should all do this to help save the planet!!!!!
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

Feb 24 windows down

Got the windows rolled down enjoying a bright sun shinny day.


Got to spend some time with my favorite 9 year old too!!!
Life is good.
Thank you Cold Stone Creamery for making a great bday cake for the niece. She brought Ms P so we hung out for awhile.

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

Feb 21, 2013 what kinda soup was that

Here in Ohio we are expecting some freezing rain so Ms Lori brought us home some soup from one of her favorite lunch places City Lites in downtown Dayton. This great dinning place is inside the Schuster Center.
Oh ya back to what we had. Cream of asparagus soup and a salad with a chicken breast was what we had. Let me tell ya for as much as I like Uno’s cheddar broccoli soup this is really close to being better.

I got out a spatula to clean out the pan we reheated the soup in.
This Tator gives the soup 4 spuds lol.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?