Trying new things

Today ohiophotogrl and I tried a new place to eat.

La Columbiana! It is Columbian Food!

We tried all kinds of things, empanadas , arepas, figs, rice, plantains, and several other things!

If you live near Greene Co Ohio you should check them out! It was worth the stop!


Wonder what we’re gonna do next!


Wake up……


WAKE UP Ohiophotogrl I want to do something!

She did get up but there was no real going out today.  Where live the temperature is around 34 degrees but with the windchill it feels more like 23…..BRRRRRRRRR!  For those of you in the areas that got snow we feel for you!

We hung out and did some stuff around the house!

What do you do when it hurts your face to go outside?  Give us some ideas!

Wonder what were gonna do next?

Keeping bees

Today Ohiophotgrl and I are at Possum Creek Farm enjoying a talk on bee keeping!

Mike (the bee keeper) is a multi generational bee keeper. He is a fourth generation beekeeper.

What a great talk……

Did you know that there are more than 20,000 species of Wild bees! Thats a lot of bees!

Bees pollinate a third of what we use everyday….even Gas!

Bees live about 60 days. The Queen will live 3-5 years.

Avg bees in a hive is 50,000 mostly lady bees inside and only about 800 male. The drones are the boys. One queen bee in each hive. The queen leaves the hive one time and that is to mate.

Hive tempature is approximately 70 degrees inside. The worker bees do this!

Don’t swat at bees. They just want to work and collect there pollen and water and go back home. You are not pollen. Just walk way from them.

The parks offer lots and lots of great kid/big kid friendly programs!

We are now a lot more knowledgeable about bees :0)

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Now what…..


Schools around our area are closed today due to this white stuff that fell from the sky. I took a step or two outside and forgot my jacket….bad idea.

Back inside ohiophotogrl was busy getting out a bowl and some ingredients of some sort. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..


She sent me to the fridge to get her some eggs.


My cousins are here and when ohiophotogrl went to answer the phone we checked out what she was making…..OATMEAL COOKIES!

MMMMMMMMMMMM I can’t wait to sink my teeth into those!

What a great way to spend a cold afternoon!  Off to help mix it all up!

Wonder what we will do next?

Baby its cold outside…..

20131209-131239.jpgAll I can say is BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR!

The good news is it is suppose to be warmer the next few days but the bad news is it will then get colder again.


So I am going to make some hot chocolate and stay inside!

What do you do on cold winter days?

Wonder what where gonna do next?