Here we go….

Jan 7 Always wake up with a smile on my face

Woke up feeling good this morning! Ohiophotogrl and I got started getting the house a bit more livable. You know doing dishes and laundry.

We are trying hard to bring you some more adventures!
Stay tuned we have some great ideas!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Staying Busy

While cleaning the garage this weekend I found one of my favorite hats. So I put on some music and danced when we were done for the evening.
I read a few magazines so I could add them to the recycling pile!
Was a productive holiday weekend. Now I need to finish putting the laundry awat=y that ohiophotogrl started.
off to fill this laundry basket again.
Wonder what were going to do tomorrow.

Looking like rain is coming

Make sure that you have batteries in your flash lights just incase the electricity goes out and have the adults in the house charge there cell phones incase there is an emergency.
I’m gonna watch some tv and then go to bed. I wanna hear the rain on my bedroom window.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?