April 30, 2013 finals and then….

Today I had to stay home for the first half of the day. Ohiophotogrl had her finals. She says I am distracting so I had to stay home not sure why she thinks that.

I may have been a little annoying and not very helpful while she was trying to study. Oppppps :0)
But after her exams we went to The Greene. We walked around and stopped at MacTown.

What fun it is to go in and talk with them. Fun times.
Wonder what we are going to to tomorrow?


April 28, 2013 Planting Flowers

Today we planted the flowers we bought at Knollwood Garden Center.
First we weeded.

Then we got some compost and top soil and mixed it up and put it in the big flower pots in front of the house.

Then we planted away. It looks great.

They smell so good!


Funny part of our day was Ms Lori pushed down a tree.

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

April 27, 2014 Supporting local Dayton…win/win

Today was so much fun. I went downtown to the Think Tv Station to pick up my winning from last night and met Dennis. He helped me run the camera.

I got see the firehouse board that I bid on entry night.

The coolest part was being a part of the phone bank. All volunteer run. Bid high, bid fast and bid often.

I also picked up my stuff from last night

When you over bid on an item over $50 you get a 2013 entertainment book! This is my second book :0)
When watching the auction you get to see some of the local places you may not know about like Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery.

I tried to win a gift card from there but got out bid at the last minute. So we checked it out today.
They have a great menu. They even have vegan and vegetarian food to choose from.

Then home to do yard work.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow

April 26, 2013 friends

Ohiophotogrl and I were looking thru pictures today and she was telling me the story behind this picture.

She has great friends!
We also went back to Knollwood and got some plants for the front of the house. We plan to plant them this weekend :0)
Now going to watch Think Tv’s auction tonight and relax.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

April 25, 2013 I Won

Last night I bid on something on the Think Tv Auction and I won!
Ohiophotogrl has a Christmas village that she has been collecting things for for years and we got her a beautiful church.

It is suppose to be the church at the VA hospital here in Dayton.
It even lights up!
What fun to bid and things and then go downtown and pick it up if you win. All proceeds go to Think TV.
Wonder if I can win anything tonight? We shall see.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

April 24, 2012 Spring Fling

What a fun day I had with ohiophotogrl and Ms Sherrie at the spring fling at Sinclair Community College today. Ohiophotogrl sang some Karaoke in front of the student body and all Ms Sherrie kept saying is you can sing….you said you could sing but…..you can sing…lol
We had a lot of fun…started with a group shot.

Then Ms Sherrie and I made a sand sun.

We stopped by the baseball teams booth and cheered them on for tonight’s game.

I even got cotton candy.

What a great time we had. But the best part was watching Ms Sherrie and Ohiophotogrl make a funny video of “I Will Survive.” They got this picture from it:

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

April 22, 2013 Earth day

Last night I dreamt that Ms Carol and I were doing poses for glamour shots.

We where striking a pose. We are fabulous!
I never realized how many funny magnets Ohiophotogrl has.

Some of them are quite funny heeeee heeee.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?

April 23, 2013 ThinkTv television auction and another dream

I had a dream I couldn’t see very well so I climbed a tree. Up, up, up I went.

I could see the ocean so well from the tree. Birds eye view I would say!
It’s like I am really there!
So this week is the Think Tv Television Auction. We have all our supplies ready….
charged phone….check
Charged iPad…..check
Pens and paper….check
and the last check is the TV set to channel 16!
There are so many really neat things up for auction. The fun part is the bidding not really if we win or lose an item.

Waiting to hear them say…..SOLD!
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?