What do you do in a rainy Saturday?

Ohiophotogrl and I woke up to a lot of rain falling here in the 937. We were trying to figure out what to do when she suggested we go to the Dayton Book Expo and support one of our favorite authors.

So we got ready and headed out to Sinclair Commmunity College where the expo was. 

We met up with Ohiophotogrl’s best buddies Carol and Darla. Darla is the writer and the one on the right. These expos are great for all age groups. There were books for kids, teens, young adults on practically any genre you could imagine. 

We picked up a few books while we were there.  Carol took this photo of Ohiophotogrl and Darla…

We had a great afternoon! Wonder what we’re gonna do next?



As I was laying in bed I could smell something cooking in the kitchen….

OMG ohiophotogrl is making Scones! And when they were done

I sprinkled a little powdered sugar on them and OMG I am in heaven! 

Wonder what we’re gonna do next 

Dog show….

So today I went with ohiophotogrl to the rotating Scottish Terrier Dog show. We had so much fun

We saw all kinds of Scotty dogs and the ribbons that they win are amazing

The show is in Wilmington Ohio not far from where we live. They even have an Instagram sign.

We have several friends here that are showing thee dogs. It was so much fun spending time with them.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next!