Oct 31,2013 Halloween

Tonight we went over to Mrs Janet’s and passed out candy.
Me and the Grim Reaper that is did most of the work of passing out candy.

Ohiophotogrl walked around with the gang next door and she found this Tator sitting on a porch down the street.

Ohiophotogrl took some pictures of Buzz Light Year, Iron Man, and a Kitty. We will get those off the camera soon to share!
Tomorrow starts a new month. Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Oct 30,2013 found more family

As I was searching the internet tonight ohiophotogrl and I found some Local Tators!
Please meet Mr. & Mrs Potato Head. As luck would have it ohiophotogrl knows these Spuds!

They live local and we are gonna meet up with then soon! I can't wait. They say they have a couple of tots to introduce me too as well! Yeah!
I'd like for you all to meet some of my giraffe friends as well. Please join me in welcoming them into the house!

I’m sure there will be stories heeee heeee.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Oct 29,2013 she made the school paper

I went to school with ohiophotogrl today and as we went to her first class one of her classmates said “have you seen the Clarion? Your in it.” She handed us the paper and…

It is a speech that she wrote for her public speaking class. Ill post a pic of it. If you want to read it and can’t make it out send us a message and we will get it to ya.

Congrads ohiophotogrl on a job well done!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Oct 22,2013 ghost n goblin 5k

Tonight ohiophotogrl and I did our first 5k together!

We had a lot of fun! There were 4000 people there.

We weren’t last and that’s what matters.
Ohiophotogrl met up with some friends and I took their picture.

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?