What’s for dinner

Last night we decided we wanted to make a burger at home! We went to the grocery store and ohiophotogrl picked up a quarter pound of hamburger. We got some bread and cheese and headed home.

Ohiophotogrl did the cooking and I supervised. We use a ceramic pan to cook on and the meat doesn’t stick to the pan at all. We also made ScottieScouts some macaroni and tomatoes. 

We set out plates and put bread on our plate and then got out ketchup and dill pickles. Finished off he plate by putting some Lays wavey chips….MMMMMMMMM

I see a lot more eating at home in the new year!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


I can see clearly now…..

As ohiophotogrl and I look thru the last year of blogs we were disappointed in our lack of communication. 2017 is going to be a better year for us!

We like to hang out at the house and bake so I’m sure there will be some backing coming up! We have some parks we want to explore and friends we want to share with you.

Happy New Year! We will see you in 2017!

Wonder what we will do next?

Where have I been…

Hey there my friends. I am so sorry that I have been away for awhile.  Life got crazy for a little while but Ohiophotogrl says we are going to be on the internet a whole lot more in 2017. I for one am looking forward to that.

I have a few more friends that will be joining us as well this year.  Cant wait for you all to meet them.

Thank you for being a part of our lives’ and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017!

Now I’m off to get some rest we have some adventures to get to :0)