With all the craziness I forgot

What did I forget…
To blog :0( so sorry my friends .
We had a great time at the Scotty Convention. I even sold some stuff :0)

We had a great time playing Bingo, eating ice cream, and hanging out with all our friends last week!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


We are having fun

So I stole this shot of my pals

They crack me up!
Well and then my pals stopped to have there picture taken with their new rescue Scotty!

Let me tell ya I love the center pieces for this year!

What a great time I’m having!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Headed to another Convention

Here is a small recap from last year.
Im takin my Pal Flash. Im betting we can get into some kind of trouble.
These are my best pals I can’t wait till we hang out again.
OHHHH the food we will have!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to bingo and the Rowdy Girls
See you all soon!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?