Jan 31 is that a fossil?

Today I went to college with ohiophotogrl. While she was in her Geology lab I explored the room. I used the hand lens…

I looked thru a microscope

I climbed the rocks that were laying around the room and then I found a huge magnify glass.

I went over to the “HRC” and got to meet a few dinosaurs….

They even started teaching me how to identify fossils!

We drew them and them listen what we saw then we had I figure out what kind of fossil they were….it was a fun day!
I even got to erase the board when we were done.

But there was this thing hanging on the wall that I want sure what it was. Ohiophotogrl says it is a phone but she pulls hers out of her pocket.

Can’t wait to see what we are going to do tomorrow!


Jan 30 don’t forget your vitamin

Today I had to remind ohiophotogrl to take her vitamin. Yes she knows its a kids strength but its what her body can handle.
It’s important to keep yourself healthy and taking your vitamins sure helps. But the one thing that you can do all day is wash your hands. This helps you from spreading germs and reduces your rate of getting sick.
Stay healthy every one and take your vitamins!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 29 visiting a sick Aunt

Today ohiophotogrl and I went to visit Aunt Betty at Miami Valley Hospital. She was not feeling well so they are going to keep her for a little while. They are pretty sure that she had a heart attack so we went to cheer her up!
A hospital can be a scary place even for a potato. The doctors and nurses are going to take good care of her. She seemed to like our visit :0)
Keeping you in our thoughts Aunt Betty!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 28 Using the Keurig

Today I wanted some hot chocolate to warm my parts so ohiophotogrl showed me Kraig. That’s what she calls the Keurig. I got to pour in the water, put in the cup and press start. A minute later we were having hot chocolate :0)

MMMMMM good stuff!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 27 Cleaned my plate

Hey everyone today was a lazy Sunday here in OHIO.  Ohiophotogrl made us a egg whites with cheese with raspberries and blackberries on the side.  What a great way to start the day.  Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day :0)

MMMMMMM I even want to lick the plate!

MMMMMMM I even want to lick the plate!

Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 26 painting the stairs

Hey everyone ohiophotogrl here :0)
Mr P took it upon his self to do some decorating today. He did really well except for where he chose to paint can you tell where he is?

You guessed it on the stairs. Great pictures of some of Disney’s greatest characters but really on the stairs. Oh well at least he did a good job.
I did find him outside looking for the full moon

Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 25 snow terrier

We woke up to all this white stuff coming down from the sky. How beautiful it is. Ohiophotogrl told me that not one snowflake is the same. Kinda like not every person is the same.
We had about an inch an a half of snow.

She then taught me about snowmen. The snow was just perfect for a snow terrier . That’s what I made.

Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 23 I saved 3 lives today

Today ohiophotogrl and I went downtown to the community blood center. We filled out all our forms and then went back to see if we could give blood. We passed the tests and then went back to where they take your blood. Ohiophotogrl is a hard stick lol but Mrs Jackie took good care of us and we were soon making our first donation.

They wrapped our arm when we were done and I got to see the blood they took

Then there was OJ and as many cookies as I wanted. We hung out for a little bit to make sure we weren’t dizzy or anything

I proudly wore my 1st donor sticker all day.

You will save 3 lives with your blood donation. We will go back in 8 weeks!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 22 studying

Ohiophotogrl and I spent the morning studying for a quiz she had at 11am

Ms Sherrie stopped by to study too. My face was not happy with studing. I wants to go play.

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?