Jan 20 Family Time

Today was hang out day with the family. We went to Ohiophotogrl’s fathers house for a grilled steak dinner and I got to do the grilling.

When I came in the house I helped sister Jackie make the salads.

Family time was great and we want to say Happy Birthday a few days early to sister Nikki.
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 19 Hot Yoga

Who has ever heard of Hot Yoga? I hadn’t till his last week. So ohiophotogrl and I headed over to Hot Yoga Studio to see what all he hype is. Let first tell you it is not for the faint of heart. 95 degrees in the room and a lot of stretching goin on. Did I tell you it was 90 minutes as well. Let me just say I had parts of me sweat that I didn’t know could sweat…..here is me working it in my shorts and bare feet.


That's me stretching away. Then I ended with this

Was a great time for sure..wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 18 Uno’s

Today I did a lot of the same things we do on Friday….Ohiophotogrl and I went to the grocery, went to the gym, took out the recycle trash, and did homework. The best part of the day was dinner. We went to Uno’s in downtown Dayton.

We shared some pizza skins and boy they were tasty.
Now home to watch a movie. I hear we are trying Yoga tomorrow!!!!!

Jan 16 The Gym And A Rub Down

Today started with a workout at the local rec center. Lohrey Center is right near our home and ohiophotogrl has been going there her whole life.
We started off by signing in and weighing in.

Who knew a potato could weigh a pound and a half :0) then we walked the treadmill for some cardio action.

I was gonna ride the bike but my legs weren’t long enough.

Then we worked our muscles.

Boy did we work up a sweat.
After a much needed shower and some lunch we went to Square One in Centerville and got a massage. Kay and Katie worked there magic!!!!!


I’m sure I will sleep well tonight!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 15 relax

Today ohiophotogrl had school so I stayed home with the dogs.

So I caught up on all my shows……you know NCIS, Big Bang, and Batman just to name a few.
Think we are going to the gym tomorrow can’t wait!

Jan 14 Hanging With The Kiddo

Today we hung out with Ohiophotogrl’s niece. We went to the USAF Museum. What a fun time we had.

We tried landing planes and even flying some.

We even got to wear a space suit!

The museum also got a space shuttle training module. There will soon have an exhibit that people can see how it all comes together.

We even got our own official dog tags!

At the end of the museum visit I got a kiss… Shhhh don’t tell but I think I’m in love :0)

Then we went to Subway for lunch! What a fun day!

My new girlfriend even shared her lunch with me…

A good day was had by all. I hope you enjoyed our pics as much as we enjoyed taking them to share!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 13 Slow Down

Today was a day of rest for Ohiophotogrl and myself. We made omlets and hash browns for breakfast. We watched football and then studied for a bit. For dinner we made stir fry. Actually had some help from a chicken helper. Fried rice :0). Added some broccoli, carrots, and snap peas to the mix and dinner was ready! We even had fortune cookies.

Mine read

Tomorrow we are spending time with our favorite niece. I hear we are going some place fun. I love surprises!!!!!
Can’t wait!

Jan 12 Day Spent Doing Recon

So we spent the afternoon at the Dayton Bridal Expo to support our friend Jenny and check out the photo-booths. So here is a bit of our day


There was this OMG brownie that I had too….thank you Creatif’ Catering your brownie does make you say OMG!


WE also want to thank Tiers of Joy for great cake!


Saw the cutest otters as well


Then we tried out the photo-booths. How much fun would this be at a party!!!

I wanna be a SUPER HERO when I grow up!

Catching bad guys with Batman and Cat Woman! Just call me the Boy Wonder, Robin

Catching bad guys with Batman and Cat Woman! Just call me the Boy Wonder, Robin


Thank you Dayton convention Center for hosting this great Expo!

Wonder what we will do tomorrow……