Halloween 2014

Tonight is trick or treat where we live. I can’t decide what to wear….

Or there are….

All these choices. And this isn’t even all of them. Mmmmmm which one which one.
I think I’m going out as Elvis. It will keep me warm.

Let’s hope the rain holds out!
Ohiophotogrl got in the spirit as well…

Happy Halloween to each and everyone of you. We made special treats for the family today…

Vampire doughnuts and doughnut hole spiders! They were yummy!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


Hospital visit

Ohiophotogrls dad is still in the hospital.

We got here before he doctor today :0)
There are a lot of things in the hospital that can be scaring for potatoes like me.

All these bags are hanging on a poll to help Pop Pop feel better. There is fluid to keep him hydrated and an antibiotic to help his lungs as well. There is nothing to be afraid of here. All the stuff that you see at the hospital is there to help the patient feel better.
We wish Pop Pop a speedy recovery!
But on a happy note….

What a great journey we have had for the last 2 years! We are gonna keep on keeping on!
Stay tuned for more fun adventures!
As we get close to 250 we are gonna do a give away! It’s gonna be something really cool! Stay with us!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Hospital here we are

So today we spent the day with Ohiophotogrls dad at the hospital. He is not feeling well so we took him to the hospital :0(
He had this on his night stand

We think it’s a duck or it could be an angel. Either way it’s cute.
He will be in the hospital for a few days.
One thing that I learned here at the hospital is we should be washing our hands a lot when you are visiting the hospital. When your washing your hands you should sing your ABC’s or Old McDonald. That way you are sure to kill all the germs that you might find around. I’m learning all kinds of things here at the hospital.
I’m going to go and check on Ohiophotogrls dad.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Halloween is almost here…..

This week there will be kids of all ages dressing up to frighten and delight. There will be little Ghouls and Gobblins going door to door trick or treating as well. But did you know that 40 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every day. That rate is growing. So here is my suggestion. For Halloween I am giving away….

Cheetos! That’s right snack packs that kids can even put in there lunch boxes for school. Ohiophotogrl has several friends that are diabetic and have told stories about having to give most of there Halloween candy away because they can’t have it.
Ohiophotogrl and I want every kid both big and small to have a great and SAFE Halloween. Here are our tips.
1) NEVER ever go into a strangers house!
2) Be Careful crossing the street. Look both ways and hold someone’s hand…you might not need help but someone you are with might.
3) Where something reflective or carry a flashlight. Cars need to be able to see you!
4) Alway let an adult look thru your candy when you get home. Never eat anything that looks like it has been opened.
And lastly don’t let Ohiophotogrl look thru your bag she will take all your Tootsie Rolls.
Guess I should go look for my costume. Maybe Ohiophotogrl will take me out!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


I was out and about today and Ohiophotogrl found me a new work station.

How cool is that.
We looked thru a lot of Christmas ornaments today as well. That was really fun! We found camera ornaments, turtles, hippos, cars, trucks, you name it there was an ornament for it :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Guess what I found….

As I was walking thru the mall with ohiophotogrl today I found this guy.

He was on a shelf saying exterminate, exterminate……..over and over again so we left him at the store.
I think he might be from another planet. He also said he was looking for the Doctor. Hmmmmm
Here is another look from our trip….


These kitties lived at the house we were staying at. Aren’t they cute!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

There is more….

More stuff to tell you about our trip….
There was a lot of walking….I mean ohiophotogrl walked about 8 miles a day and I am glad I just hung out in her bag. But we took some other cool pics.

MLK Jr Memorial was very cool!
Then there was…

We got photo bombed. Lol
See I told yeah Abe was big!
The Korean Memorial was amazing as well.

There is so much to see and do. If you look at a map it looks like all these monuments are close to each other but I am here to tell you…there not.
Walking takes a lot out of ya.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

so what have I been up too…..

Well I know you have all been waiting to see what kinda pics I took while I was away….

I have been busy editing things but thought I should share a few things with you.

SO it appears that ohiophotogrl thought she could sneak off to DC.  Thats right the nations capital.  Glad I snuck in her bag because we got to see a lot of cool things.  The coolest of those being we got to see the Presidents car zoom by and Ohiophotogrl got a profile pic of the President himself…How cool is that.  Zoom in if you can.  We are pretty sure it was him :0)


We saw so many Monuments that it was beyond cool. The history behind them is amazing. Here are just a few more……here is the Lincoln Memorial.  Abe is much bigger then I thought.



The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was amazing. And we got to see a wrath ceremony as well.

And as I promised here are the tiger cubs I saw at the National Zoo!


There was way way way a lot to do in DC.  I’ll tell ya more later I see ohiophotogrl trying to sneak out with out me….

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?