Halloween is almost here…..

This week there will be kids of all ages dressing up to frighten and delight. There will be little Ghouls and Gobblins going door to door trick or treating as well. But did you know that 40 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every day. That rate is growing. So here is my suggestion. For Halloween I am giving away….

Cheetos! That’s right snack packs that kids can even put in there lunch boxes for school. Ohiophotogrl has several friends that are diabetic and have told stories about having to give most of there Halloween candy away because they can’t have it.
Ohiophotogrl and I want every kid both big and small to have a great and SAFE Halloween. Here are our tips.
1) NEVER ever go into a strangers house!
2) Be Careful crossing the street. Look both ways and hold someone’s hand…you might not need help but someone you are with might.
3) Where something reflective or carry a flashlight. Cars need to be able to see you!
4) Alway let an adult look thru your candy when you get home. Never eat anything that looks like it has been opened.
And lastly don’t let Ohiophotogrl look thru your bag she will take all your Tootsie Rolls.
Guess I should go look for my costume. Maybe Ohiophotogrl will take me out!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


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