The end of 2014 is near….

So 2014 had a lot going on and ohiophotogrl and I are so glad that you are hanging out with us and watching what we get into.
In 2014 our blog was viewed 1700 times by great people from all over the world. And we have 192 followers and are looking forward to hitting 200 really soon!
We are looking forward to a great 2015!
We went out early today and stopped in the Schuster Center in Dayton, Oh to see the Rikes Window displays again.

We met our Pal ScottIeScouts there before we had lunch.

I could watch these displays all day.

Here is some more info on the displays ….

Well I’m off to figure out what I’m going to do to ring in the new year!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


Not again

Ohiophotogrl isn’t feeling so hot today so I am going to take care of her.
I made myself a mask so I can’t catch what ever it is she has. I have been bringing her meds when she needs them and keeping her all covered up. She says I am a good nurse. Maybe that is what I will be when I grow up. I do like to help people.
Get well soon Ohiophotogrl.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Christmas Eve

Today we celebrated Christmas with Ohiophotgrl’s family. What fun we had.

I got a new hat :0)
Then we loaded up the car.

We saw ohiophotgrls niece today too.

I am blessed to be apart of such a great family. They let me take a picture of them to share with you….

Hope you have a treat holiday season!

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

It’s pop pops Bday

Today is Ohiophotogrls dads bday!
We went out to breakfast with with him and her nieces.

I had a yummy omlet and Ohiophotogrl had some potatoes with it.

Good time was had by all!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

My gang and I have been busy…

We have been enjoying making cookies for Ohiophotgrls family.
Then we mixed a few others and came up with these….
Then there was the gingerbread station where all the cool decorating happened…
Boy oh boy did that keep us busy for a few days!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Guess what?

In 2013 we blogged everyday for a whole year. Last year we didn’t do so hot in keeping you all updated on our adventures so we are going to step it up. Thats right Ohiophotgrl and I are gonna spend some quality time doing things to share with you. We may not see you everyday but you are going to see a WHOLE lot more of us!
Our Gift to you!
We also want to hear from you. Comment on our posts :0)
with that being said here are a few of our favorite times this last year.
More to follow…..

RIP Uncle Nick.

Ohiophotogrl and I had to take a road trip. Her uncle passed away.

The good news is she did get to see family she hasn’t seen in a long time, the bad news is her We won’t get to spend time with everyone we want to see. away. Cahokia Illinois here we are.

So I will say a little prayer for her and her family. For peace and safe travel.


Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

I’m going to make a snack

So I thought I would share with you one of my favorite snacks. We are even making some for the neighbors!
First off here is me today…

Gonna document the making of my snack.
So I head to the fridge…


Move some stuff to get out the eggs. I love hard boiled eggs! I get out a pan and fill it with water and put it in the stove. Ohiophotogrl turned it on high to get the water boiling.
Then she put the eggs in. I don’t want to get burnt.

Then we take the egg out of the shell and eat it up….MMMMMMMM

We are gonna have apple sauce too!
What did you have for lunch?
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

I can help….

Ohiophotogrl went out for awhile today so I got the gang together to help with the laundry and the dishes.

We stared with the dishes. Ohiophotgrl came in the house as we were finishing up. We didn’t see her come in.
She went to put some stuff away and I went to help Optimus and Mr T get a stain out of ScottieScouts shirt. Optimus was pounding the stain and ohiophotogrl came in and offered to help with some stain remover.

Me and the gang make a great team. We are off to find some lunch!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

You’ll never guess….

So I had heard Ohiophotogirl talk about going out tonight all day. She told me I couldn’t go, so what’s a potato to do but hide in her jacket to see what she was up to.
She got in the car and drove a pretty good way.
Then I heard some familiar voices and knew she was with some of our friends but I stayed hidden. They kept talking about going to a concert so I wasn’t going to tell her I tagged along quit yet.
Back in the car we rode for about 10 more minutes to the next destination.
She parked the car and walked to this big building. When she stopped walking she took her coat off and she saw me. I just smiled and she shook her head.

We are seeing Wynonna Judd!
I sat there and watched ohiophotogrl sing along to the songs and tap her feet and clap. It was a fun night!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?