You’ll never guess….

So I had heard Ohiophotogirl talk about going out tonight all day. She told me I couldn’t go, so what’s a potato to do but hide in her jacket to see what she was up to.
She got in the car and drove a pretty good way.
Then I heard some familiar voices and knew she was with some of our friends but I stayed hidden. They kept talking about going to a concert so I wasn’t going to tell her I tagged along quit yet.
Back in the car we rode for about 10 more minutes to the next destination.
She parked the car and walked to this big building. When she stopped walking she took her coat off and she saw me. I just smiled and she shook her head.

We are seeing Wynonna Judd!
I sat there and watched ohiophotogrl sing along to the songs and tap her feet and clap. It was a fun night!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


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