March 31,2013 take me out to the ball game

Looks like it is opening day for Major League Baseball! We will be watching some baseball today!
Go Cincinnati Reds!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?



March 29,2014 Scottie’s where are they

So today I walked with ohiophotgrl in a 5k. It was called “No Buts About It!” It was for Colon Cancer Awareness. I took a picture to share….

We had a good time waking for colon cancer awareness.
I even got a work out in.

Thanks for the pre walk work out Miranda at Focus Fitness! If you need a personal trainer you can email her at
Then I got to go to the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Daytons show.

I even met the Mad Hatter!

Spent some time with him and one if the cutest rescues I have ever met…meet Fletcher!

Wonder what we are gonna do tomorrow?>

March 26,2014 what’s for lunch

Today I went with ohiophotogrl to the grocery. We picked up some veggies and fruit so we can keep eating healthy.
I put some eggs on to boil while she put the groceries away.

I was concerned about her cholesterol but she told me she only eats the white.
So I guess it’s egg whites and fruit salad for lunch. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries YUMMY!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?
:0 >

March 19,2014 breakfast out

Today ohiophotogrl had to fast for some blood tests so I tagged along.

Then we went out to breakfast. I grabbed the keys….

We went to First Watch. They have a new pancake there that you gotta try. It’s a Cinnabon pancake!

I dove right in, it was yummy!
Let’s not forget the jelly for our English muffin.

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 18,2014 a clean SUV

Today when ohiophotogrl got off school she took with her to run errands. The coolest of them was this…

We went thru the car wash!
It was really cool…

They soaped us up and then….

Rinsed us off!
I can’t wait to go again.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 17,2014 the luck of the Irish

Today is St Patricks Day! Ohiophotogrl says I have to wear green today. When I asked her why she pinched me. After about 3 pinches I finally went and found this…

No more pinches for me today!
Have a great day everyone and please be safe out there today!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

March 13,2014 what’s that

Today I went to the mailbox like I do everyday to get the mail. But today the special surprise I bought for ohiophotogrl was in there.

She will love it!
Bonnie at Grayson Products made it for her. You can find her and her stuff on Etsy. If you wanna know more send me a message!
Other then getting the mail I had a pretty boring day.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

March 12,2014 what happened to spring

Yesterday I was out walking the dogs…

It was like 60 degrees. We had a great time. Today it’s 30 and windy as can be. I tried to get a picture of me and some of the snow that has fallen and the wind was pushing me out of the tree.

This potato is confused by this weather. Ohiophotogrl says this is just what happens when you live in Ohio. Guess we will see how this turns out.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

March 6,2014 on an adventure

Today Ohiophotgrl said she had a surprise for Buzz and I.

She buckled us into our seat belt and away we went. She told Buzz that he would really enjoy where we were going. We drove for a little while and then we were there.
The United States Air Force Museum! It’s one of my favorite places so Ohiophotgrl knew I could show Buzz around.
Buzz really enjoyed the space simulator exhibit.

We met some of ohiophotogrls friends at the museum as well.
They are a bit camera shy LOL
There is so much to see at the USAF Museum. I even tried on a space suit so I looked like buzz.
What a fun day we had. Can’t wait to do it again.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?