March 4,2014 balloons

Today I got to hang out with Ohiophotgrl and Mrs Sherrie. They always do the funniest things like make a balloon arch!

Then they made me sit at a table all day and watch them study. The good news is they got a lot done the bad news is I got bored. Guess I should have read a book.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


March 2,2014 date with Ms P

I got to spend some time with my girlfriend Ms P today.
We wet out to dinner with Ma and ohiophotogrl.

We had dinner at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen and bot was it good!

Ohiophotogrl and I love spending time with Ma and Ms P. They are so much fun. Then we watched Despicable Me 2!
What a fun day!
Now let’s get ready for some snow….maybe we will have a snow day tomorrow?
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?