Zucchini bread…

So today I spent some time with my ever busy friend ohiophotogrl. She helped me make a from scratch bread…zucchini bread that is.

We cut up the zucchini and then we used the food processor to shred it all up. We whipped up the bread from a recipe a friend gave us and…..

Waaaaalaaaaaa we have bread! It sure was good right out of the oven.
What do you like to make?
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Oh what fun

So this week I went somewhere I had never been…Kil-Kare. It’s a place to race cars near where ohiophotogrl and I live. I got to sit in a race car.

My friend Kelly raced for the first time and we got her a shirt for everyone on her pit crew to sign!

Next time I’ll take my picture with her too!
What a fun time?
Can’t wait till next week to see her do it again!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?