The dreams I have

Do you ever wake up and wonder why you have the dreams you do…

In my dreams last night I was standing on the shore looking at what I thought was a pirate ship

I looked thru a telescope to see and I noticed that it was on fire! I waved my arms and yelled trying to let the people on the boat know that there was dry land over here 

Then I realized that X marked the spot

I woke up before I found out if anyone from the ship found land or if there were buried treasure under that X. Maybe I’ll get a nap and try to see if I can dream it again.

Do you have dreams like this?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Journaling is fun

So on the first day of 2017 Ohiophotogrl started filling out a journal so I thought I’d do it do

We fill it out the first part in the morning before we get started with the asks what we are grateful for. The first thing I wrote was I am grateful for you all reading my blog :0) Then it asks for a goal to live fit for today. That one changes from day to day. Mostly I wanna keep moving. It’s hard for me to stay in shape. Then it asks for one thing I appreciate about my body. All things I need to get better at. 

Then later in the day we have a place for there what I eat, how much I move and lastly a place to reflect on the day.  

I think everyone should journal. In your journal you can write what ever you want. You can draw, write your feelings, really anything you want. This is just we what started doing.

Do your journal? What do you write in your journal?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

We need an overhaul

So today ohiophotogrl and I worked in some new themes for the blog.

We spent an hour looking thru several till we locked in on this one. I like the yellow. It’s something we haven’t tried before and it makes me stand out :0)

Do you have a blog you would like us to check out? Let us know we would love to go see it. 

Do you aspire to be a blogger. Do it! It’s a lot like journaling but the whole wide world can see it!

Wonder what we are gonna do next?

Did you build a snowman

We had some snow last night and I got out there and built a snowman!

It sure was fun being outside but I didn’t stay out long. When I can back in Ohiophotogrl made me some hot cocoa and boy was it yummy!

What do you like to do on a snowy day?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Winter is showing itself 

Today we had a bit of snow in the 937.

It doesn’t seem to stop me and ohiophotogrl from getting out and getting stuff done :0)

I like when it’s light and fluffy like this. However I should go find my hat and scarf. It sure is cold out here. Please Remember to wear your coat, your hat, a scarf  and your gloves if you go outside in this stuff. You could get frost bite and that just doesn’t sound like any kind of fun.

What is frostbite you ask? 

Frostbite is an injury that is caused by exposure of parts of the body to the cold. The cold causes freezing of your skin and underlying tissues. Your fingers, toes and feet are most commonly affected.  If you feel cold let your parents know. Very important to keep warm.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next

I work out

I am trying to get in a routine so I can get more exercise. We have been watching out food portions! We have been walking more and I have been lifting weights.

As much as I love to play video games ohiophotogrl makes me turn off my game and go for a walk if it’s nice out. I like to walk. I get to see birds while I’m outside. If it’s cold we go to he mall to walk around.

We have been eating more veggies and we have cut almost all our soda pop out. I don’t know about you but I could drink a Dr Pepper with every meal. Not so much anymore. 

What do you do for exercise?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

What to do with Sticky Notes

For Christmas Ohiophotogrl got lots of sticky notes…she does love them. I know for a fact that she has more different kinds than our local Office Depot lol

And that’s just the Christmas stash….there are two shoeboxes in the office full of them in every shape and color you can imagine.

What does she do with these wonderful sticky pieces of paper? She tags pages in cookbooks so she can find them again, she puts reminders on her keys so she doesn’t forget things, and she even leaves little sticky notes on mirrors to remind herself of things like….

I left that one for her to find this morning! She liked it a lot!

What do you use sticky notes for?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?