Journaling is fun

So on the first day of 2017 Ohiophotogrl started filling out a journal so I thought I’d do it do

We fill it out the first part in the morning before we get started with the asks what we are grateful for. The first thing I wrote was I am grateful for you all reading my blog :0) Then it asks for a goal to live fit for today. That one changes from day to day. Mostly I wanna keep moving. It’s hard for me to stay in shape. Then it asks for one thing I appreciate about my body. All things I need to get better at. 

Then later in the day we have a place for there what I eat, how much I move and lastly a place to reflect on the day.  

I think everyone should journal. In your journal you can write what ever you want. You can draw, write your feelings, really anything you want. This is just we what started doing.

Do your journal? What do you write in your journal?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


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