We got a little snow!

So Ohiophotogirl told me I could go outside today and build a snowman.
So I bundled up a bit….

I googled how to build a snowman. I collected a hat, some coal, a few sticks and a carrot and went outside.
It says you need snow. We have snow :0)
Then you make a snowball and roll it. You do this 3 times. So here are the pictures ohiophotogrl took while I did all the work.

Ladies, gentlemen, kids and animals is like for you all to meet my pal “Olaf!”
When I put that hat on his head he came to life! It was magical.
Ohiophotogrl says we can keep him but he has to stay in the garage where it’s cooler. He gives great warm hugs!

We are gonna go play now!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?