Jan 26, 2014 no football

I have been trying to find football on all day…..ohiophotogrl says I have to wait till next Sunday and then after that I have to wait till fall…..Booooooo
So I thought I’d pass the ball around the house.

It was all good till I broke the lamp……Oppps
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Jan 22, 2014 Recycle

Today ohiophotogrl got to talk with some people about recycling. She called the waste managment in our area to order some other recycling bins. One is just not enough at our house.

We will be able to separate our recycling much better with the new bins. We recycle plastic, paper, and aluminum!
I hope to do my part to make this a better planet to live on!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 23, 2014 dishes

It was my turn to do dishes…

Really all I had to do was load the dishwasher…..heeee heeeeee
Ohiophotogrl says when she was young she had to wash dishes by hand. Do you know how long that would take me with my little hands?
We want to say happy bday to ohiophotogrls sister Nikki!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 20,2014. Busy

Sorry we have been out of touch for the last week my friends. Ohiophotogrl went back to school and she has been really busy . She promises we are going to start doing our thing again. Just bare with her. (She’s being selfish, but don’t tell her.)
I’ve tried to stay busy. I stamped some more business cards.


Built another snow dog. See I have been busy.
Catch ya all soon!
Oh yeah we have like 141 followers! Thanks for stopping by!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 13,2014 I see you

I was wondering if I could hypnotize you.

Look into my eyes…..you are feeling sleepy….very sleepy.
You will bring me popcorn…lots of popcorn.
When I clap my hands you will awake and not remember we had this conversation.
How are you feeling :0)
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 10,2014 may the force be with us

As ohiophotogrl and I were checking emails we got a great one for one of her Scotty pals.

Oiophotogrl seems to think it is another long lost relative! We called him up and all he would say was “may the spud be with you….I mean may the force be with you!
We will check on him again.
Ohiophotogrl says she has a special treat for me tomorrow and that I should charge my camera up!
Hmmmm….wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?