Yesterday was a great day

So yesterday was an anniversary kinda. Two years ago today I came to live with Ohiophotogrl. We have had some great adventures. Many more to come :0)
She took me someplace really neat to celebrate.

It was the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.
And let me tell you they were yummy!
I even sat at the spot that nothing happened…..

We walked thru town and talked with some people and learned about the history of the town. It was such a fun day.
We call it Happy Adoption Day!
Here are a few more pictures from our day out…


The nice lady at this shop is even sending us a few t-shirts straight to the house…how nice is that. Don’t for get to stop by Ruth and Igies place. It is a must stop shop. Friendly service and just a fun store to check out!
Man was that a fun day!
I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Did you see that

I went for a walk this morning with ohiophotogrl and I want you to follow us along…….

So we start walking down the Bailey Tract

Not so far into our adventure we ran into this guy…

Our first alligator sitting! He was a young one but boy was he fast. Ohiophotogrl caught this shot of him…

He was really neat. But we were smart enough to stay back and give him his space. No legs or potatoes for a mid day snack for that gator :0)
We saw turtles and birds and plants and bugs and butterflies….
What a great adventure we had today!
Then we stopped for some Zebra yogurt…

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

May 15,2014 what a fun day

So I went geocaching today.

Then we went to a shell shop. They had all kinds of big shells there.

It rained a little bit today but that didn’t stop our fun. We walked the beach this morning and found these great shots…



One more full day on the beach tomorrow…..wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

My friend caught some great shots today

So the Lego family went out to the beach with me today.

We hung out for a long time on the beach. Kamden got some great shots. Here is some he took:


But my favorite picture of Kamden was this one….

Then he took this cool picture of me, Lori and Penny.

What a fun day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 14,2014 “Ding” Darling again and a shell museum

So we headed out early back to Ding Darling and caught some really cool things…
Here are the Rosete Spoon Billed bird!
There were a whole lot of them.
And then there was this guy having some crab for breakfast…..
Then I met this little guy….
Then ohiophotogrl and I went to a shell museum.

What a fun filled day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 13,2014 Doc Ford and a wildlife refuge

Today we went to eat at a place that Our buddy Lexie has been reading about for the last year.

It is called Doc Ford’s. It was really neat.
This morning we went to “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. I got some great bird shots.


And tonight the sunset was really cool….

I love adventures!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 12,2014 a day at the pool

Today I went out to check out the pool…

Boy was that water warm. It was almost as warm as bath water.

I swam a few laps! Then I flipped over and did the backstroke.

Then Ohiophotgrl snuck up on me…

I caught my nose just in time, I think she was trying to sink me.

She did make it up to me by floating around with me and enjoying our little piece of paradise!

Fun, fun, fun day. Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 11,2014 pictures on the beach

Today I spent the morning enjoying the beach.

I took the camera out and here is what I saw…

I really had a fun day.
Here is my fav from today….

We went out in the ocean. You gotta get a water proof camera if you are going to be near water and sand! This is a picture of Ohiophotogrl enjoying some waves.
So much fun packed into a day….makes me wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 10,2014 where we going

So I wondered why ohiophotogrl had been packing bags the last few days. Looks like she is sending me on an adventure.
The one thing I do know is…

It’s awful sunny for 7:30 in the morning….I’m gonna have to look around and see where I am….

Omg do you see those waves!
I think we’re at the BEACH!
We unloaded the car and had some dinner….

IT’S NOT DELIVERY. IT’S DIGIORNO and boy was it good! Cheese Pizza was amazing.
But the really cool part is…..

At the ocean!
Wait till you see my adventures?
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?