What am I gonna Eat….


The fridge is full of leftovers from yesterday…..But what should I have for breakfast.  Eggs? Cinnamon Rolls? Turkey and dressing? Pie?  The possibilities are endless.

I’m guessing my young friends would like to this eat this with my friend Honey Swamp….


But I better be good and have…..


MMMMMMM BOILED EGGS!  Ill safe the other stuff for a late lunch.

Wonder what were gonna do next?


Happy Thanksgiving

IMG_2897Spent the afternoon getting the dishwasher loaded and unloaded and my friends helped.

This was a very low key Thanksgiving.

Ohiophotogrl and I are very thankful for each and everyone of our readers.  We are looking forward to some great new adventures coming your way very, very soon.

The best part after spending time with the family and eating the turkey is…

  Pecan Pie!

Enjoy your families, friends and all that stuff. 

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


What we do on Sunday’sDuring the fall and winter we like to watch football around here. I like several people on several different teams so I don’t really have a team.

But we did watch the Bengals play

Ohiophotgrl and I ordered a pizza and watched the second half. The dogs could care less about football

At least they got some rest although we were yelling at the tv! But the bengals are 8-0.

It was all in good fun!

Wonder what we are gonna do next…