Happy 4th

So today we celebrate Americas Indepence. Ohiophotogrl and I stayed in and got laundry rolling and did some photo editing. In Ohio where we live it rained all day so we decided early on we weren’t going to go see fireworks tonight. The dogs at our house go crazy over all the loud popping do we hung out with them.

I watched Back to the Future most of the day.

To those that fought for our freedom we thank you. For those still fighting we thank you as well. Thank you all! Happy Independance Day!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


Rainy day…..

So here in Ohio it started raining much earlier than expected. Ohiophotogrl decided to go check the garden before it started raining really hard. Here is her garden…

Today she took me out and we harvest 11 green beans and 7 tomatoes!

Ohiophotgrl stopped at the local farmers market in Dayton yesterday and picked up a few more pounds of green beans so we could have green beans and cornbread today for dinner!

It’s a long weekend for us and we are gonna eat well!

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

What do you do on the last day of June?

You paint of course!

Ohiophotogrl, ScottieScouts and I went to Pinots Palette in Fairborn Ohio tonight to paint one of ohiophotogrls favorite things…..a Giraffe. 

First of all we got aprons to wear and found our seats. We were sitting with some new friends and they let me be in their picture…..

We sang to the radio and our painting instructor Rachel was “Amazing,” she needs a raise :0)

We started with a blank canvas. Rachel demonstrated what to do and we tried to follow along. Drawing with paint and mixing colors….

So here is what ohiophotogrl and I came up with….

I think it came out pretty well!

ScottieScouts came out really neat…look really close.

They had frames to take our pictures in as well! We had a lot of fun. 

If you get an opportunity to go and paint at Pinots Palette in Fairborn or any of there locations please do and Tell them Mr P sent ya!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?