What to do when it rains….


Ohiophotogrl and I are trying to figure out what our next adventure will be…..we have looked on the internet for something close to home, but, the rain just wont let up long enough for us to do anything….that and its getting cold.  Did I mention that the yard looks like we have a pond.

 So what is a potato and his best friend to do….


Watch some TV! Hope we can find something good on!

Stay dry my friends!  What do you do on rain/snow days?

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

I must wrap

It’s Christmas Eve I have found my Santa sweater and I haven’t started wrapping presents yet….where is the ribbon?

Found it and let me just say it might get a bit crazy around here

Now where is the tape…..I better go and get busy!

Ohiophotogrl and I hop you Have a Merry Christmas!

What will we do next?