The end of 2014 is near….

So 2014 had a lot going on and ohiophotogrl and I are so glad that you are hanging out with us and watching what we get into.
In 2014 our blog was viewed 1700 times by great people from all over the world. And we have 192 followers and are looking forward to hitting 200 really soon!
We are looking forward to a great 2015!
We went out early today and stopped in the Schuster Center in Dayton, Oh to see the Rikes Window displays again.

We met our Pal ScottIeScouts there before we had lunch.

I could watch these displays all day.

Here is some more info on the displays ….

Well I’m off to figure out what I’m going to do to ring in the new year!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


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