What’s for breakfast

Sometimes we like to get up and make breakfast before we start the day. I wait for Ohiophotogrl to wake up and look for recipes on her phone.

This morning I found these eggs. However we are gonna use her new cookware and cook them with very little water. That’s right boiled eggs cooked with just a wet paper towel in the bottom of the pan. Here goes nothin…..

Wetted paper towel and put them in the Kitchen Craft cookware turned the eye in Med heat for 3 minutes.

Spun the lid till it felt like it was gliding. It was making a vaper seal and turned the heat down as low as it would go for 13 minutes. Took the lid off and cracked the shells…..the shells come off very easy! And the eggs….

Perfect! Mmmmmmmm breakfast is served! What are you having?


An Eclipes

Today where I live we had a partial eclipse.

I got some special glasses so I could watch and we made some pinhole boxes to look at the eclipse. 

How did the boxes work…

You need a box, some aluminum foil and some tape! You cut two holes on the top. One to look through and one to put aluminum foil on. You take a needle and put a small hole in the aluminum foil. Tape it on and there ya go. Here is a few shots that we got.

It was a lot of fun to watch this. Here is Ohiophotogrl and I enjoying our time

NASA of course got some better shots 

But what ever you do don’t look directly at the sun. We don’t want to hear any stories of anyone burning there retina.  We love science! 

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

I get to go

I have spent the last day trying to talk Ohiophotogrl into telling me where she is going and if I get to go too. I have finally been told I get to go but she won’t tell me where. That’s ok I love an adventure.

I have found my suitcase! But what should I take I mean I have no idea where we are going. She says to bring lots of different things.

I’m just not sure I have enough stuff to wear. Guess I’ll find out when we get there or Ohiophotogrl repacks for me :0)

She did tell me that we weren’t going to far and I would get to see several of our good friends and meet some new ones. I’m packed and ready and still waiting on her.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

What am I gonna Eat….


The fridge is full of leftovers from yesterday…..But what should I have for breakfast.  Eggs? Cinnamon Rolls? Turkey and dressing? Pie?  The possibilities are endless.

I’m guessing my young friends would like to this eat this with my friend Honey Swamp….


But I better be good and have…..


MMMMMMM BOILED EGGS!  Ill safe the other stuff for a late lunch.

Wonder what were gonna do next?

Oh the places I did see…..

So I went on a road trip this past weekend and took the camera with me…..


I snuck in Ohiophotogrls backpack and snuck pictures over her shoulder.

She kept talking about Gatlinburg TN so I am guessing that is where we are.


That is the view of the porch lol

Then when you looked straight out there was this….Depending on the time of day which view you had.  They call them the Smokey Mountains

IMG_3078 IMG_3131

Was great to see them and I am looking forward to our next adventure…..

Wonder what its gonna be

The end of 2014 is near….

So 2014 had a lot going on and ohiophotogrl and I are so glad that you are hanging out with us and watching what we get into.
In 2014 our blog was viewed 1700 times by great people from all over the world. And we have 192 followers and are looking forward to hitting 200 really soon!
We are looking forward to a great 2015!
We went out early today and stopped in the Schuster Center in Dayton, Oh to see the Rikes Window displays again.

We met our Pal ScottIeScouts there before we had lunch.

I could watch these displays all day.

Here is some more info on the displays ….

Well I’m off to figure out what I’m going to do to ring in the new year!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Not again

Ohiophotogrl isn’t feeling so hot today so I am going to take care of her.
I made myself a mask so I can’t catch what ever it is she has. I have been bringing her meds when she needs them and keeping her all covered up. She says I am a good nurse. Maybe that is what I will be when I grow up. I do like to help people.
Get well soon Ohiophotogrl.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 27 Cleaned my plate

Hey everyone today was a lazy Sunday here in OHIO.  Ohiophotogrl made us a egg whites with cheese with raspberries and blackberries on the side.  What a great way to start the day.  Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day :0)

MMMMMMM I even want to lick the plate!

MMMMMMM I even want to lick the plate!

Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 14 Hanging With The Kiddo

Today we hung out with Ohiophotogrl’s niece. We went to the USAF Museum. What a fun time we had.

We tried landing planes and even flying some.

We even got to wear a space suit!

The museum also got a space shuttle training module. There will soon have an exhibit that people can see how it all comes together.

We even got our own official dog tags!

At the end of the museum visit I got a kiss… Shhhh don’t tell but I think I’m in love :0)

Then we went to Subway for lunch! What a fun day!

My new girlfriend even shared her lunch with me…

A good day was had by all. I hope you enjoyed our pics as much as we enjoyed taking them to share!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

Jan 12 Day Spent Doing Recon

So we spent the afternoon at the Dayton Bridal Expo to support our friend Jenny and check out the photo-booths. So here is a bit of our day


There was this OMG brownie that I had too….thank you Creatif’ Catering your brownie does make you say OMG!


WE also want to thank Tiers of Joy for great cake!


Saw the cutest otters as well


Then we tried out the photo-booths. How much fun would this be at a party!!!

I wanna be a SUPER HERO when I grow up!

Catching bad guys with Batman and Cat Woman! Just call me the Boy Wonder, Robin

Catching bad guys with Batman and Cat Woman! Just call me the Boy Wonder, Robin


Thank you Dayton convention Center for hosting this great Expo!

Wonder what we will do tomorrow……