Hospital visit

Ohiophotogrls dad is still in the hospital.

We got here before he doctor today :0)
There are a lot of things in the hospital that can be scaring for potatoes like me.

All these bags are hanging on a poll to help Pop Pop feel better. There is fluid to keep him hydrated and an antibiotic to help his lungs as well. There is nothing to be afraid of here. All the stuff that you see at the hospital is there to help the patient feel better.
We wish Pop Pop a speedy recovery!
But on a happy note….

What a great journey we have had for the last 2 years! We are gonna keep on keeping on!
Stay tuned for more fun adventures!
As we get close to 250 we are gonna do a give away! It’s gonna be something really cool! Stay with us!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?


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