Jan 31 is that a fossil?

Today I went to college with ohiophotogrl. While she was in her Geology lab I explored the room. I used the hand lens…

I looked thru a microscope

I climbed the rocks that were laying around the room and then I found a huge magnify glass.

I went over to the “HRC” and got to meet a few dinosaurs….

They even started teaching me how to identify fossils!

We drew them and them listen what we saw then we had I figure out what kind of fossil they were….it was a fun day!
I even got to erase the board when we were done.

But there was this thing hanging on the wall that I want sure what it was. Ohiophotogrl says it is a phone but she pulls hers out of her pocket.

Can’t wait to see what we are going to do tomorrow!


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