April 27, 2014 Supporting local Dayton…win/win

Today was so much fun. I went downtown to the Think Tv Station to pick up my winning from last night and met Dennis. He helped me run the camera.

I got see the firehouse board that I bid on entry night.

The coolest part was being a part of the phone bank. All volunteer run. Bid high, bid fast and bid often.

I also picked up my stuff from last night

When you over bid on an item over $50 you get a 2013 entertainment book! This is my second book :0)
When watching the auction you get to see some of the local places you may not know about like Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery.

I tried to win a gift card from there but got out bid at the last minute. So we checked it out today.
They have a great menu. They even have vegan and vegetarian food to choose from.

Then home to do yard work.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow


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