Feb 20, 2013 Tax Time

Todays morning was really busy.  We had puppy duty making sure Luna was fed and taken care of and then we had to drop off some precious cargo and then we went to Belmont Tax Services on Waterviliet and let Mr Baughman do our taxes.  Mr Baughman has been doing ohiophotogrls taxes for a really long time.  They have been friends for a whole bunch of years :0)  Rumor has it they were boyfriend girlfriend once heeeeee heeeeeee.

mr p taxes

After we signed on the dotted line we came home and filled out our FASFA forms as well.  This is the financial aid form ohiophotogrl has to fill out to go to help her go school.

Then there was homework and laundry.  I’m off to make sock bundles :0)

Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?


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