Three years ago today….

I looked at the calendar today and I realized that today marks the start of my 3 years living with Ohiophotogrl. Time flies when your having fun.

If you read my about page you can see how it all started! 

We call the day “Welcome to the Family Day” 

Although it is not my birthday we celebrate kinda like one. Just like the sign reads friends gather here. Your all here let the festivities begin!

On this day in 2012 Ohiophotogrl and I became a team! A family. Some of you may not live with your original families but are living with people that love you oh so very much. Or you have a pet that is part of the family. Some people call there pets there kids. It’s not hard to love someone or something. You just have to be open to give and receive!  This is our first picture together. There have been any more since that day and many more to come.

I’m looking forward to many more years together with ohiophotogrl and all of you!

Wonder what’s next?


Yesterday was a great day

So yesterday was an anniversary kinda. Two years ago today I came to live with Ohiophotogrl. We have had some great adventures. Many more to come :0)
She took me someplace really neat to celebrate.

It was the Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.
And let me tell you they were yummy!
I even sat at the spot that nothing happened…..

We walked thru town and talked with some people and learned about the history of the town. It was such a fun day.
We call it Happy Adoption Day!
Here are a few more pictures from our day out…


The nice lady at this shop is even sending us a few t-shirts straight to the house…how nice is that. Don’t for get to stop by Ruth and Igies place. It is a must stop shop. Friendly service and just a fun store to check out!
Man was that a fun day!
I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 19, 2013 my adoption day

Today I slept in. That doesn’t happen very often. Everyone was very tired today. I even got a nap with ohiophotogrl.

Then we headed out to a new Chinese restaurant. The General Tso’s chicken was fabulous. We will be having the Asian King again.

It was a great day. The best part was knowing that the last year I have been loved and respected for the great potato that I am!
Wonder what were going to do tomorrow?