The show…

I got so busy that I didn’t have time to post while I was away. This Scotty people are so much fun!

Here I am helping ohiophotogrl with her game. She ran a poker run while the show was going on and we raised $134 for rescue! What a fun group we had. 60 people turned in a hand. We gave away a deck of Scotty Dog cards and wooden nickels 

We sure had a lot of fun! What do you do with your friends?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


More in the show…

We are having such a good time at the Scotty Show! We had a parade of dogs, show and tell,  had a great lunch and we will soon be having a siminar on Art Deco Scotty Dog Collectables!

Oh what fun!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

5 years today….

Five years ago today I came into Ohiophotogrl’s life and we have been best pals ever sense. We work on stuff at the house, we go adventures and we love making people smile. Thanks for being a part of our journey. With that being said here are some of our adventures in the last few years….

Here are just a few. We love going in adventures and have so many more ahead! Stay tuned for more adventures.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Ok ok here we go

So ohiophotgrl and I are working on some new adventures and plan to share with you :0)
We know we have been gone for awhile and we apologize for that.
Be looking for us on your computer and emails better then ever before!
I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 2,2014 checking on things

Boy have we been busy now that ohiophotgrl has been out of school.
Today we caught up on clearing memory cards so we can go on some adventures.

She let me work the mouse….heeeee heeeee
We cleaned out a camera bag and did laundry and walked the dogs and cooked. I think I’m going to take a nap!
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?
Oh I forgot to tell ya’ll, ohiophotogrl passed all her classes this semester so she is done with school!