Feb 1,2014 basketball day

Today we went to watch Ma play basketball again.

That’s her mom and sister with us :0)
The best part of the game was this:

They won the game!
Then we went to lunch!
I love Saturdays!
Hope that groundhog doesn’t see his shadow tomorrow.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 19,2013 Ohiophotgrl’s bday

Today we celebrate yet another Birthday. This time my partner in crimes bday is today, Ohiophotogrl. We took cookies to her classes today and had a cool dinner.
Here is our bday girl…

With her bday cupcake!
I wanted to go play basketball but she said it was too clod for her to be outside so…..

I found the ball and bounced it in the house a few times. Needless to say ohiophotogrl took the ball away from me. Guess there is a rule of no playing basketball in the house :0( oh well.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?