What’s for breakfast

Sometimes we like to get up and make breakfast before we start the day. I wait for Ohiophotogrl to wake up and look for recipes on her phone.

This morning I found these eggs. However we are gonna use her new cookware and cook them with very little water. That’s right boiled eggs cooked with just a wet paper towel in the bottom of the pan. Here goes nothin…..

Wetted paper towel and put them in the Kitchen Craft cookware turned the eye in Med heat for 3 minutes.

Spun the lid till it felt like it was gliding. It was making a vaper seal and turned the heat down as low as it would go for 13 minutes. Took the lid off and cracked the shells…..the shells come off very easy! And the eggs….

Perfect! Mmmmmmmm breakfast is served! What are you having?


Can you smell that

I was searching the web this morning and I smelt this really great smell so I went on a search to find it. As I got closer to the kitchen I heard Ohiophotogrl cleaning up the kitchen. Was she making muffins?

I peaked in to the oven and sure enough hat is where the smell was coming from. She told me that she was making Zucchini, Carrot, Apple, Walnut muffins. I must say I was intrigued. She told me she had gotten the zucchini from the neighbor across the street and had gotten the carrots out of the garden. She even showed me a picture.

All I can say is yummy!

Here is the recipe:

Let us know if you make them! They were great! She also added a cup of walnuts!

Have a great day! Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Chef Tater here


So I decided I should cook up some breakfast for the family this morning…..



There we go something for everyone!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

What did you have for breakfast?

Wonder what were gonna do next?

It’s pop pops Bday

Today is Ohiophotogrls dads bday!
We went out to breakfast with with him and her nieces.

I had a yummy omlet and Ohiophotogrl had some potatoes with it.

Good time was had by all!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Guess what?

In 2013 we blogged everyday for a whole year. Last year we didn’t do so hot in keeping you all updated on our adventures so we are going to step it up. Thats right Ohiophotgrl and I are gonna spend some quality time doing things to share with you. We may not see you everyday but you are going to see a WHOLE lot more of us!
Our Gift to you!
We also want to hear from you. Comment on our posts :0)
with that being said here are a few of our favorite times this last year.
More to follow…..

April 5,2014 eating right

So Ohiophotgrl was making breakfast and I thought I should give it a shot. They say breakfast is the best way to get your metabolism going in the morning.

We started out the 12oz of water and then….

Then we had some bacon and scrambled egg whites with just a sprinkle of cheese!
Great way to start our day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow? ;

March 19,2014 breakfast out

Today ohiophotogrl had to fast for some blood tests so I tagged along.

Then we went out to breakfast. I grabbed the keys….

We went to First Watch. They have a new pancake there that you gotta try. It’s a Cinnabon pancake!

I dove right in, it was yummy!
Let’s not forget the jelly for our English muffin.

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

July30, 2013 breakfast

So I asked ohiophotogrl what was for breakfast and she said to me P go check the kitchen. So I did.

I found chocolate chip PopTarts.

Put them in the toaster for just a little bit to heat them up and MMMMMMM they were good!
Now off to work on the house some more.
Wonder what we are gonna do tomorrow?