Dec 24, 2013 Santa Claus is coming to town

Today I got dressed up and went to Ohiophotgrl’s dad’s house to help them celebrate Christmas.
I was in charge of carrying in the gifts.

That was ruff.
So then I decided I wanted to have some nuts.

As I was cracking them Kiki photo bombed me.

After all the passing out of gifts was done ohiophotogrl said there was one more and it was for me.

Ma helped me unwrap it. Look how big the box is.

Looks like my cousins Buzz and Woody have come to live with us! We are gonna have so much fun. Wait till you see all the adventures we are gonna have!
I want to leave you with one more thing….

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Dec 3, 2013 got our first Christmas card today

As usual the first Christmas card of the year arrived from Ohiophotgrl’s father. He sends them out right after thanksgiving.
Wonder what were gonna do for a card this year…guess I should start thinking about that.
This year has been zooming by and we have 130 followers now! How cool is that!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?