I must wrap

It’s Christmas Eve I have found my Santa sweater and I haven’t started wrapping presents yet….where is the ribbon?

Found it and let me just say it might get a bit crazy around here

Now where is the tape…..I better go and get busy!

Ohiophotogrl and I hop you Have a Merry Christmas!

What will we do next?

Christmas Eve

Today we celebrated Christmas with Ohiophotgrl’s family. What fun we had.

I got a new hat :0)
Then we loaded up the car.

We saw ohiophotgrls niece today too.

I am blessed to be apart of such a great family. They let me take a picture of them to share with you….

Hope you have a treat holiday season!

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

What are we doing

Ohiophotogrl and I spent some time Christmassing up the blog today! We like the tree in the back drop!
Stick around with us we have some fun and exciting things happening this month :0)
Ohiophotogrl got a new hat :0)

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Dec 26,2013 gifts

Today was a day of giving, We spent the day with Ms. Loris family and had Christmas there.
Before we left this gift was left for Ohiophotgrl.

A cool book we are gonna read together and some pins for her camera bag. The there is the cool tie that she will wear sometime too :0)
One of ohiophotogrls gifts was wrapped like this….

Inside was a whole bunch of cameras for her camera tree and a pinhole camera making kit and a build your own SLR kit. It’s going to be a fun spring!
Busy day for sure!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Dec 25, 2013 and to all a good night

What fun I had today. I got to help ohiophotogrl finish the wrapping of the gifts so we are ready for the next family function.
We stopped by our pal Denys for Christmas dinner. It was fabulous. And I had my picture taken with some Scottie Dogs.

It was Loris Christmas present.
Then we went upstairs to find this guy,

His name is Melman! He is going home with us. I’m going to hug him and squeeze him and pet him and pet him. My friend Melman.
Christmas has been great.
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Nov 10,2013 I met a new friend

So as I Ohiophotogrl and I were out and about today we met a new friend…..

Meet Mr Chris. He tells us he is from the North Pole and in the near further is going on a one day trip around the world to visit good little tator tots everywhere. We wished him well and went on our way. We hope we will get to hang out with him again one day.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?