Baby it’s cold…

Outside and inside….the furnace went out last Saturday and we have had the repair guys here twice. They are coming back in the morning hopefully with the right part to fix it. So Mollie and me have been sitting by the heater staying warm.

Ohiophotogrl leaves these on while she is here but when she leaves she turns them off. Space heaters left unattended can cause a fire and we don’t want that.

We did wake up to ice everywhere outside this morning

It’s pretty when your looking thru the sliding glass doors. So thankful that our power didn’t go out. What’s the weather like where you live?

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?


Can bubbles freeze

Ohiophotogrl and I have been watching people blow bubbles when it’s really cold out side. Some of the photos are really neat! We thought we would give it a try.

First we mixed our solution.

We used:

1 cup of water

1/4 Cup Of Dawn dish soap

1/8 cup of Karo corn syrup (the clear kind)

Mixed it all up and then let it set on the counter for half an hour. We wanted it wall to be at the same temperature.

Then it was time to test our bubbles. There was very little wind. This is very important to know. Wind will burst our bubbles. It also has to be below 15 degrees. We waited till it was 12 degrees outside. We went on the back porch and turned on our porch light. There is a trash can by the back door so that’s where we aimed the bubbles.

Several bubbles landed and after 3-4 minutes this is what we got

Kinda looks like a doggie if you look in the bubble. We got frozen lines in there but no real cool patterns. The wind started to pick up which causes the bubbles to do this….

It was a fun experiment! Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Wake up……


WAKE UP Ohiophotogrl I want to do something!

She did get up but there was no real going out today.  Where live the temperature is around 34 degrees but with the windchill it feels more like 23…..BRRRRRRRRR!  For those of you in the areas that got snow we feel for you!

We hung out and did some stuff around the house!

What do you do when it hurts your face to go outside?  Give us some ideas!

Wonder what were gonna do next?

March 12,2014 what happened to spring

Yesterday I was out walking the dogs…

It was like 60 degrees. We had a great time. Today it’s 30 and windy as can be. I tried to get a picture of me and some of the snow that has fallen and the wind was pushing me out of the tree.

This potato is confused by this weather. Ohiophotogrl says this is just what happens when you live in Ohio. Guess we will see how this turns out.
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Aug 3, 2013 the freezer

Today I cleaned out the freezer!

The ice maker is really cool. You flip the switch and it makes all the ice you want. How cool is that?
After that I put face plates back on the walls that we have been painting.

What a day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?