I can help….

Ohiophotogrl went out for awhile today so I got the gang together to help with the laundry and the dishes.

We stared with the dishes. Ohiophotgrl came in the house as we were finishing up. We didn’t see her come in.
She went to put some stuff away and I went to help Optimus and Mr T get a stain out of ScottieScouts shirt. Optimus was pounding the stain and ohiophotogrl came in and offered to help with some stain remover.

Me and the gang make a great team. We are off to find some lunch!
Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 23, 2014 dishes

It was my turn to do dishes…

Really all I had to do was load the dishwasher…..heeee heeeeee
Ohiophotogrl says when she was young she had to wash dishes by hand. Do you know how long that would take me with my little hands?
We want to say happy bday to ohiophotogrls sister Nikki!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?