Dec 17, 2013 food bank

Today ohiophotogrl and I went down and volunteered at a food bank. We boxed up a lot of food for people in need this holiday season.

When you think about giving canned goods think about mixed veggies and stuff you can just heat and eat. We met some neat people as well.

Ohiophotogrls sporting her elf hat as well..tis the season!

She cracks me up!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow.

May 23, 2013 strawberries and saving lives

The morning started out with a trip to Dayton’s Community Blood Center!

They have a parrot theme going on and these birds are big! We didn’t just try to give blood we DID, saving three lives today!

Then Ohiophotogrl and I stopped by Pop Pops and saw the start of the strawberry jelly making.

The berries looked so good we had to try one.

I like strawberries!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?