April28,2014 when will it be over…

I watched Ohiophotogrl study today. Boy I sure hope that she does well on her last two exams. The good news is that she keeps telling me that we have some new adventures coming your way and I am going to hold her to that.
I think I will sneak in her bag and give her some moral support tomorrow. Think she will see me before she leaves?
Well I know what ohiophotogrl is going to do tomorrow but I wonder what we will do after that?


Dec 12,2013 Taco Bell

Tonight’s dinner was brought to your by Taco Bell…

Ohiophotogrl shared her triple steak flat bread. It was really good. Much better then I could have hoped.
I wet with Ohiophotgrl to school today to wish her luck on her exams, she says she did pretty good.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?