May 24, 2013 Woodman Fen

This morning ohiophotogrl and I took a walk through the Woodman Fen.

You could hear all kinds of birds and frogs this morning. But it was a little chilly. Ohiophotogrl even put on a jacket. We sat out there for a little while and just enjoyed nature.

It was a really great morning just us and nature.

The Woodman Fen is located at 4820 Amesborough Road in Dayton. To get there, take Woodman Drive to Woodbine Avenue, turning west onto Woodbine. Then turn south onto Russet Avenue and east on Deborah Avenue. Finally, turn south on to Amesborough Road and continue until it dead ends into Newcastle Drive. There is a little parking lot, but on-street parking is available. The entrance is at the north end of Newcastle Drive.
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Feb 9, 2014 2nd St Market

Today we went to the 2nd St Market. He had a great time meeting with the vendors. There was Desserts By Ann K. Pop Pop Jack loves the cherry pie. We picked up an apple pie that we are looking forward to having after dinner.


If you like pie you can not go wrong here.
We also stopped by Blue Jacket Cheese.

Tastes like your eating a grilled cheese with out bread! We bought some for dinner tonight. Stop by and talk with the Blue Jacket Cheese ladies and tell them Mr P sent you :0)
On the way out we also stopped at All Souped Up!

They have a variety of soups and quiche for you to choose from. If you leave this vendor hungry there is something wrong with you.

When I turned my head to talk to the ladies I heard ohiophotogrl ask for the potato soup. We will be talking about that later :0)
Had a great day at the Five Rivers Metro Parks 2nd St Market.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?