Cash Explosion adventure

Today Ohiophotogrl took me and some of her family on an adventure. We went to a taping of Cash Explosion in Columbus Ohio. We had breakfast at her dads and then loaded up the van and headed out. The car ride is a little over an hour from his house but we had fun talking about which of our relatives we had talked to this week.

Cash Explosion has been collecting canned goods for the food banks in the area, so we each took 10 canned goods and were entered into a drawing for $500. Of course we didn’t win but we still had a good time. The taping lasted about an hour and a half and there was lots of prizes to be won by the people in the audience.

We had to go thru metal detectors to get in…for our safety and they sat us in the front row! OMG we are gonna be on TV. We sat right where the contestants came into the show! Show airs March 24th so be in the look out for us. Ohiophotogrls sister won a few things.

And so did her dad but we didn’t have any luck but we did get to meet the Hosts of the show…

The best part was we all had a great time! I’ll leave you with one last photo of me as we were leaving

What a fun day….wonder what we’re gonna do next?


Dec 17, 2013 food bank

Today ohiophotogrl and I went down and volunteered at a food bank. We boxed up a lot of food for people in need this holiday season.

When you think about giving canned goods think about mixed veggies and stuff you can just heat and eat. We met some neat people as well.

Ohiophotogrls sporting her elf hat as well..tis the season!

She cracks me up!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow.

Nov. 11,2013 thanks for your service

First of all we would like take a minute and thank all the men and women who protect our freedom each and everyday. We would also like to thank those that have served because without you our country could not be free to worship, talk, write, or blog and the list goes on. Thank you!
Today I found all the empty pill containers in the house. Going to take them to SICSA one day this week. They use the empty containers to put the puppy and kitty meds in. So if you take meds save the empty containers and give them to your local animal adoption facility.

Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 23 I saved 3 lives today

Today ohiophotogrl and I went downtown to the community blood center. We filled out all our forms and then went back to see if we could give blood. We passed the tests and then went back to where they take your blood. Ohiophotogrl is a hard stick lol but Mrs Jackie took good care of us and we were soon making our first donation.

They wrapped our arm when we were done and I got to see the blood they took

Then there was OJ and as many cookies as I wanted. We hung out for a little bit to make sure we weren’t dizzy or anything

I proudly wore my 1st donor sticker all day.

You will save 3 lives with your blood donation. We will go back in 8 weeks!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?