July 18, 2013 saving lives again

Today was the day ohiopotogrl could give blood again so we went to Dayton Community Blood Center. I always enjoy going with her because the staff is so friendly.

We got entered to win the Harley just by donating a pint of blood! I sure would look good on that bike :0)
But the really cool part was I got to meet Captain America.

Also some of the other Justice League!

They told ohiopotogrl she’s a hero for giving blood. She got a call last week saying a child at Children’s Medical Center received her last donation. I’m very proud to call her my friend.
You too can donate. Stop by the blood center today and get registered for the Harley. It only takes about an hour or less and you too can save three lives today.
Oh yeah did I mention you get a cool T-shirt and cookies when your done!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

May 23, 2013 strawberries and saving lives

The morning started out with a trip to Dayton’s Community Blood Center!

They have a parrot theme going on and these birds are big! We didn’t just try to give blood we DID, saving three lives today!

Then Ohiophotogrl and I stopped by Pop Pops and saw the start of the strawberry jelly making.

The berries looked so good we had to try one.

I like strawberries!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?

Jan 23 I saved 3 lives today

Today ohiophotogrl and I went downtown to the community blood center. We filled out all our forms and then went back to see if we could give blood. We passed the tests and then went back to where they take your blood. Ohiophotogrl is a hard stick lol but Mrs Jackie took good care of us and we were soon making our first donation.

They wrapped our arm when we were done and I got to see the blood they took

Then there was OJ and as many cookies as I wanted. We hung out for a little bit to make sure we weren’t dizzy or anything

I proudly wore my 1st donor sticker all day.

You will save 3 lives with your blood donation. We will go back in 8 weeks!
Wonder what we will do tomorrow?