Looking for something fun for your room

While out on Friday night we stopped in to a store called Eclectic Essentials.

The owner and his girlfriend were really fun to talk with. We had heard at another store that they have a goat that frequents the store. We had to know. I asked and sure enough they do have a goat and his name is Mr Butters! Here is a photo of him and I.

Mr Butters has a Facebook page and everything. Look up downtownbutters. They are going to let us know when he will be in the shop again and we can’t wait to meet him!

Here is a photo of just some of the cool stuff they have in stock right now. They are located in the Oregon District at 510 E. Fifth St. Tell them Mr P sent ya!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

May 5, 2013 riding a goat

Ohiophotogrl caught me outside today riding the goat.

The goat seemed more interested in the flowers then in me. Hmmmm wonder why?
Well it’s been a busy weekend. Got Pop Pop Jacks flowers planted, did a lot of moving stuff from one table to another. Guess I should go clean my room. Gotta get ready for the busy week ahead.
Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow?