Happy New Year 2018

I’m still alive and doing well my friends. I know 2017 was a bit quiet but Ohiophotogrl assures me that 2018 will bring more adventure than last year and I will get to tag along! I wrote this up….

She has agreed so be on the look out for more adventure and more quality time with me and Ohiophotogrl!

Wonder what we will do next?

Its almost time for the new year….

Tomorrow starts a whole new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Ohiophotgrl and I reflect on the last few years we wanted to share some of our favorite photos of the last few years…Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy spending time with us because we really enjoy sharing our adventures with you!

Happy New Year My friends!  See you in 2016!  LOVE, MR P

Wonder what we are gonna do next……