I’m sneaking in

Ohiophotogrl was packing her camera bag for a photoshot and I snuck in the bag. I wonder if she will see me before she leaves….I better close the case

Well she found me and we had a long talk about hiding. She told me stories of how kids sometimes hide from there parents and it scares them really bad. I know I just thought it would be fun to go somewhere with her but she explained to me that I can’t always go with her to her job. What if I got locked in the car? Or I snuck back out of her bag and got lost? Or worse yet got abducted ……I told her I was sorry. 

She put my favorite movie in the blue-ray player and I’m set for a few hours!

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

April 27,2014 staying low

So I have shrunk myself and I am staying clear of ohiophotogrl. She is studying for exams and lets just say she has not been her normal pleasant self :0)

She did tell me that after this week we are going to get to hang out a lot more!
So stay tuned my fellow spuds.
Thanks for stopping in….wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?