Happy Birthday National Parks!

Today we celebrate 99 years of National Park treasures. 408 sites make up this unique system of parks and according to the national park website 292 million people enjoyed the parks last year! They also employe 277,000 people.  
This last weekend my friends and I went and checked out one of our National Parks. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

As of the end of July Mammoth Cave has 405 miles of documented caves. That is 3 times bigger than any other cave system.  

Here is Ohiophotogrl and ScottieScouts as well  

We got to go into the cave. We went on the Frozen Niagra tour. It was really dark in the caves when the turned out the lights. It was also chillie. 57 degrees all the time. This was the shortest of the tours and was perfect for my short legs :0) there were several children that were with us as well. Perfect fun time. Here is one of the pics from the cave. I’ll add more next blog.  

After the tour we goofed around and acted silly and then as the evening came we saw deer having dinner.

 Did I mention the museum? There is one of those too! Here is Ohiophotogrl trying her luck at caving.   And this sign said it all!  We give this trip 5 stars! If your looking for a fun weekend get away Mammoth Cave is perfect. Stay at the Mammoth Cave Hotel and you are right there by the caves! One short walk across the bridge. The staff at the hotel was amazing and the park ranger guides at Mammoth Cave were knowledgeable and fun! The ladies in the gift shop help us with some photo ops! Thanks ladies! We even got a coupon to make a free shutterfly book now that we are home!And lastly we need your help. The National Parks are looking to Lego to make something for them. Noes your time to vote! I say vote for the park rangers!   Well now I think I’ll go check out a park or something. It is beautiful outside here in the 937.

Wonder what we’re gonna do next?

Oct 18,2013 Carillon Historical Park

Today ohiophotogrl took me on a date!
We went to a place called Carillon Historical Park. If you have never been or have not gone in years you really should go see it again!

This is where you can see Dayton history as if it were that time period. They have an old school house they have stuff from companies that use to be hear, they were even cooking on an open fire. How cool is that. I even got a little nap while Ohiophotogrl talked with the people that were making lunch.
They have a Merry Go Round that was built just for the park that has things about Dayton on it.

It was such a fun day! We even did a selfie!

She says she has an even bigger surprise for me tomorrow!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?