Feb 23,2014 our home

So as Ohiophotgrl and I were trying to find a place for Jessie, Buzz and Woody to stay when we look up and see this…..(had to grab my camera.)

What a great spot. They can go undetected, the dogs can’t bug them and they have a great view.
So now everyone has a special place.
One problem down but my biggest question is:
I wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?


Sept 1, 2013 moving stuff

I went and got a Uhaul today to help us move things from one house to another.

I had a few people helping me out today and boy ohhhh boy did they do a great job.

Three hours of hard work and I closed the back of the truck after the last thing was unloaded.

Now to figure out where everything is gonna go!
I got a great picture of my friend Mr Berry and his pals enjoying the outdoors!

What an eventful day!
Wonder what were gonna do tomorrow?